~ Extend the same courtesy to others that you wish to be extended to you~
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Doesn’t it scare you how many times you find suicide the answer to your questions?
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In trees, you can hear the earth breathe.
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my younger sister//03-06 “When will you get over him”
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i literally do not understand why anybody would cheat on their partner like if you really feel the need to be with somebody else in the same way as you currently are with your partner, be a decent human being and end your relationship to save the person you supposedly love a whole world of unnecessary pain rather than be a piece of shit and break their heart 

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could you please hold this for a second *hands you my problems and runs away*

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1 in 5 teenagers have thought about suicide, about 1 in 6 teenagers have made plans for suicide, and more than 1 in 12 teenagers have attempted suicide in the last year. As many as 8 out of 10 teenagers who have commited suicide tried to ask for help in some way before committing suicide. Reblog this if you’re always here to listen.

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yo what’s up with those days when u have to pee like 35 times

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Getting into a relationship with me means I will put up with your shit. I will tell you I’m fucking pissed off at you but that doesn’t mean I will break up with you. I will tell you you are an asshole but I still love you then prob not talk to you for a few hours. I get into a relationship knowing there’s good AND bad days. And im willing to get through it with you on all days

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I heard this on the radio. Mike Brown was a kid who didn’t want to play football, even though he had the body for it. When asked why, he told his friends that he didn’t want to hit anybody.

This is the child that they’re going to paint as a thug. 

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I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.
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